Contemporary Youth Arts Company, established and operated by Dan Kehde, regularly performs original theater in Charleston, West Virginia. Kehde writes and directs most of the plays himself. He casts actors of all ages, but focuses on developing acting and performing skills of young people. CYAC is a positive, supportive artistic community.


Rudy Panucci blogs about events around Charleston on his Gazette-Mail sponsored blog PopCult. Panucci lives in the Arts District of Dunbar, West Virginia, where he also hosts RadioFree Charleston on THE AIR.


Susanna "Granny Sue" Holstein is a writer, storyteller, and retired librarian who spins her web of Appalachian tales throughout West Virginia and its surrounding areas.

WV Mountaineer Short Film Festival 

Held annually in Morgantown, West Virginia,  it's the only film festival of its kind in the state.  Mountaineer features films submitted from people all over the world as well as filmmakers from West Virginia.  Gerry Habarth and his crew of co-organizers curate blocks of student, narrative, short, experimental films, and more that no one interested in cutting edge filmmaking should miss.

Lydia Moyer 

An experimental filmmaker living in Virginia.  Check out her powerful video, moments of silence, "A super cut of the US house of representatives over the last seven years as they stood in silence to honor the victims of mass shootings. A self-evident indictment of inaction."

Maximum Fun 

The podcast guys behind Bullseye, Jordan Jessee GO!, One Bad Mother, and a bunch of other podcasts that you've never heard of but need to listen to.


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