The Collabyrinth:

A revolution in creativity



The Collabyrinth:

A revolution in creativity

A secular prayer for artistic renewal. 



Patrick Felton



I am a lifetime renaissance artist from West Virginia. Acting, directing, preaching, standup comedy, teaching, performance art, singing, playwriting, criticism, film exhibition. You name it I've tried it. 

Being an artist in 21st Century West Virginia is hard. There are so few resources, and more people than ever fighting for what modicrum of success they can cobble together Where once we were passionate artists celebrating each others work, we became powerbrokers trying to cut everyone else off at the legs. Often instead of building things up, I witnessed my coummunity use what little money, influence or power to tear down everything around them. And so the passion was gone. 

The Collabyrinth is a sort of a secular prayer to the universe to undo this devolution. Its a promise to rebuild, brick by brick relationships with artists by changing the arts from the ground up:

by changing the artist.


What is the Collabyrinth

What is the Collabyrinth

A workshop of creativity

The Collabyrinth is a 3-day intensive workshop designed to facilitate fluid and goal-oriented creativity between artists. This 3-day weekend teaches 6-9 artists from a wide array of disciplines to work togather to create a single new work of art. In this process the artists (or 'builders' as they are known in the Collabyrinth) use a shared language and experience of art to break down the barriers which divide artists, and rewire their collaborative spirit.


Building Blueprints

At the heart of every great building is a design. For the Collabyrinth that comes in the form of teaching. Builders will learn from cutting edge artists from throughout their community and beyond about the form, technique, and content. By learning to break down art into its most basic components, artists will learn to think beyond the rules of their own specific medium into a more universal application of theory.

The Collabyrinth also strives to teach artists to trust the universe beyond their own intentions. The Collabyrinth challenges artists with fun and creative puzzles which test their problem-solving skills and push them to think beyond their comfort zone.

At the heart of our blueprints are an agenda of fun, experimentation, and joy. 


Over the course of 72 hours Artists from multiple disciplines will work together in cloister to create a new work of art from a decided medium.

Facilitators will act as instigators of creativity, but all artistic decision will be made by the group using a combination of prompts and the Collabyrinth Methodology.

The Collabyrinth isn’t merely attended; It’s built.

Rebuilding The Artist: Values of the Collabyrinth

Rebuilding The Artist: Values of the Collabyrinth

Don’t build the art around the community.
Build the community around the art.

The Collabyrinth believes that building community starts by rebuilding the citizens of that community. For a community to survive, it must be more than a simple hub, it must be a vital and authentic forum of thought. 

The Collabyrinth seeks to foster artistic community by acting as more than merely an arts hub. Instead, The Colllabyrinth invites artists to build their own arts community by empowering them to strengthen relationships around their individual projects and by building authentic partnerships with other artists.

Communities are the result of design AND construction.


The Collabyrinth builds the collaborative process around the cultivation and curation of intentional, authentic, and ethical artists. However, it's the artists themselves who must go out and build that process. This means valuing the work of each participating artist, long after their Collabyrinth experience is over. The workshop is intended not only as the building of a piece of art, but also as a tool to empower master artists in their field to build their own arts communities together through shared goals. 

Above all, The Collabyrinth seeks to end the in-fighting, bitterness, and barriers that plague arts communities. By teaching artists to work together, The Collabyrinth envisions a new level of respect and engagement of artists with the vast tapestry of arts throughout their communities.


The Collabyrinth's baseline for commonality among artists is that all artists want to create the best, most honest, inclusive and well-executed art that they are capable of, regardless of its marketability, genre, social location, or message. As a result, The Collabyrinth designs its curriculum as a pro truth manifesto, valuing honesty over pretension, adventure over marketability, and progress over prestige.

While the Collabyrinth claims to build artists, it may be the other way around. The Collabyrinth merely gives the blueprints for creating art to artists based on ; It's the artists that build the Collabyrinth. 

In an era of consolidation, The Collabyrinth is about the expansion and sharing of power and resources among artists.

Our Buisness Model

Our Buisness Model


The Collabyrinth i believes in the value of contributing to the community. We believe that for artists to truly share in a community, artists must contribute as any other business would to the community.

Likewise. The Collabyrinth does not rely on grant money. Instead each Collabyrinth is funded by partnerships with non-profit organizations, corporate tax-deductible sponsorship, and individual patronage.


The Collabyrinth’s funding model
is based on building sustainable relationships
between sponsors and artists.


Each Collabyrinth operates by forming a partnership with an individual non-profit organization wishing to be involved with the Collabyrinth experience. The Collabyrinth then seeks tax-deductible donations and sponsors from the community on behalf of that said nonprofit to cover all costs for the weekend. This removes any financial burden from the partnering nonprofit while guarunteeing that all donations are tax deductible. 


The Collabyrinth does not believe in Angel donors, as reliance on single sources of income can impede the flow of creativity and lead to imbalances of power. For this reason, The Collabyrinth limits all financial sponsorships to $300. Any organization, regardless of size, affiliation, creed or beliefs is welcome to sponsor the event. In exchange, the organization will receive signage during the event, mention in the program, and special visibility in any promotional materials for the event. Above all, sponsors participate in building a relationship with artists. Donors have no control over the artistic process but are invited to attend the final presentation. 


For each participant in the Collabyrinth, there is a $200 registration fee.

However, instead of asking struggling artists to cover the burden of this fee, The Collabyrinth seeks out individual sponsors or Patrons to pay their way. These Patrons are community leaders willing to pay the way of the participant. In addition to this financial responsibility, Patrons are invited to encourage artists anonymously over the course of the weekend through messages of support and other human investment. We envision this role as crucial to the spiritual success of the Collabyrinth, as we are as much training the community on ethical sponsorship as we are on training artists. 

The Collabyrinth is as much about training ethical patronage of the audience and sponsor as it is about training the artist.